Paul Bradley 1974 - 1978

How I joined

I joined Radio Hillingdon in 1973. I was working at EMI Hayes at the time and Gerry French persuaded me to visit during one lunch break. It was on the pretence that I might be able to help with the technical engineering and general maintenance of the equipment.

What I did

It wasn't too long before I found myself on air, as a result of a devious plan hatched by Gerry and others. My show had the theme tune TIME IS TIGHT by Booker T and the MGs.

I also got involved with the design and build of the Radio Hillingdon floats, for Hayes Carnival, in both 1973 and 1974, and performed on both.

I was also 'volunteered', along with 3 other members, to appear on a radio quiz show called 'CASH ON DELIVERY', presented by Dave Cash, on CAPITAL RADIO. This was on the 1st April and as expected we did not do very well. As there were not enough seats in the studio Kathy Owen sat on my lap throughout the quiz. Our meagre winnings were donated to the charity 'Help a London Child'.

Between 1976 and 1977 I was elected Programme Controller, responsible for programme schedules and content.

It was during my stint at Radio Hillingdon that I met a nurse by the name of Janice.

I seem to remember that regular 'staff meetings' were held in the Prince Albert, next door to the hospital.

Happy days indeed at Radio Hillingdon never to be forgotten!

Where Am I now?

In 1978 I bought a house in High Wycombe and married Janice. Unfortunately this made it extremely difficult to continue at Radio Hillingdon and I reluctantly had to say goodbye.

1991 saw the closure of EMI at Hayes and my job transferred to Wells, Somerset. I subsequently bought a house in a small village just outside of Glastonbury.

We have two children, Gemma and James. Gemma is now married and James has flown the nest and living with his girlfriend in Glastonbury. Janice and I have both retired now and are enjoying the rural peace of beautiful Somerset. Paul