John Hadleigh 1977 - 1979

How I joined

I don't remember how I came to Radio Hillingdon! I was DeeJaying on the Thames riverboats part time and working as a TV engineer.

What I did

Anyway I managed to blag my way on to the air and had a great time listening to and playing great music for the listeners. I spent a brief period as Programme Controller and I also went out and about interviewing people for a programme that went out on a Monday night I think.

My eldest daughter was born at the maternity unit and I remember playing "Isn't she lovely" for all the staff there.

Where Am I now?

In 1979 I left to work for British Airways as cabin crew on 747's. Later I worked in a casino in the West End until taking redundancy in 1991.

I spent the next eight years self employed, working in film and TV as a Background Artiste (extra to you and me!).

John Hadeigh and Rufus Sewell on the "Middle March" set

Then as an Event Manager throughout Europe and the UK promoting products and roadshows for various companies. Eventually tiring of 100 hour 7 day weeks, I worked at the drama department of the BBC.

I now work for the Local Authority as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties.