Colin Clements (broadcasting name - Montague Harvey) 1973-1983

How I joined

I joined Radio Hillingdon in 1973; 2 years after Gerry French, John Mandrak, Dave Brown and Steve Jones started it. I was working at EMI Hayes at the time and another member, Steve McCarthy, who was working with me on the Aerial site, suggested I come along.

What I did

I was mainly involved with fund raising and a programme called 'Castaways Choice', which was broadcast on a Wednesday. The Wednesday crew consisted of Alan Green, Gary Wright, Gordon Lack, Carole Latham, Miriam and Dieter Dennis plus of course me.

Where Am I now?

Just look at a map of the NorthWest, follow the Manchester Ship Canal to Liverpool and just past Warrington you will see a small village called Moore; my humble abode is situated on the banks of the canal where I live on a mobile home park, in a 40'x20' twin unit.

I moved here in November 1988 with my mother to work at Racal Data communications as a QA product auditor. The plant closed in 1996 and I now work for the American company Rockwell Automation in Hindley Green, Wigan in the production Test Department.

Radio Hillingdon is a very important part of my life and I would have no hesitation in helping in the future, if the possibility arose. All who have served at Radio Hillingdon, especially those members who now work in Radio stations as their main occupation, owe a debt of thanks to the founders without whose vision and hard work, there would be no Radio Hillingdon.