Chris Highton 1974 - 1983

How I joined

It all started around 1974 when I bumped into either Gerry French, Paul Bradley, John Sanders or Dave Brown at a Hayes Cricket Club disco. I was a frustrated presenter eager to get on the airwaves and connect with the listener.

It's hardly surprising as I'd spent three years behind the glass in Radios 1 to 4 pandering to the giant egos of former Pirate Radio DJ's and big time journalists on the news shows, however I didn't want this history to get in the way of hospital radio so I kept it dead quiet - only my girlfriend and chauffeur Carole knew it all and she kept mum!!!

At the cricket club disco the subject of Radio Hillingdon came up on the dance floor and the lads suggested I popped down and show my face at RH. Before I knew it I was behind the mike doing a Wednesday afternoon show, spinning the plastic and getting into the groove with the listener - it was fantastic.

What i did

Everyone was so helpful and I really looked forward to meeting the patients on the wards for the request shows and I ended up doing a Saturday night double act magazine programme called The Fiasco with Terry Gate.

The fundraising, ward visits, dj marathons, jazz shows and interviews continued on good old RH until 1983 when I blagged my way back to Auntie Beeb and Radio Stoke as a Programme Assistant with the likes of Anthea Turrner and Bruno Brooks!!!!

However I got my own Sunday Request Show and everything I learned at RH stood me in good stead, especially filling time up to the news junctions - at least Bob Ballard was miles away and couldn't set fire to the running orders!!

Happy days indeed at Radio Hillingdon never to be forgotten keep up the good work and keep those patients cheerful on extension Dave Brown's jingle went"!!!

Where Am I now?

Here I'm presenting the breakfast show "Good Morning Leicester" at BBC Radio Leicester.

I've been in BBC Local Radio 20 years this year I'm currently what Auntie calls the Editor Weekday Programmes, producing and presenting programmes at BBC Radio Leicester.

Married to Carole with two boys Marc aged 17 who's learning to drive and Michael who's 14 who plays the drums.

We have a mad black labrador retriever from the Cumbrian fells called "Storm" who's often the subject of the pet behaviour phone in"!!