Carole Latham (now Bromley) 1975 - 1978

How did she join

In 1975 Carole was invited by local hairdresser Gary Wright to join the Radio Hillingdon community when she was still at school and 16 years of age.

What did she do

Carole helped do the indexing of records which had to be recorded and processed manually, it was in those days when computers were not part of the furniture at RH, this task was carried out by many volunteers of the station, often taking hours of work to complete, due to the enormous supply of records.

After a few months Carole progressed to training as a presenter and was part of Radio Hillingdon for just over 2 years. She would take to the air on Wednesday nights at 8pm after her rounds on the wards, chatting and collecting requests for her programme from many of the patients. Carole recalls, Jim Reeves 'Distant drums' was always a favourite of the ward 'guests' and someone every week would ask to listen to Jim! During her training as a disc jockey and presenter, Carole was lucky to meet celebrities like Henry Cooper and Dave Cash (Capital Radio). Raising money for charity events was a place you would always find her.

She took part in a 25 hours non-stop broadcast and raised well needed funds for the station, 'exhausting work but most enjoyable'. She remembers someone actually putting her hair in rollers whilst on air to keep me looking 'good'.

Carole says "I know only too well how much hard work and effort everyone put into RH in the early years to make it what it is today. The hard work and effort paid off because Radio Hillingdon is still functioning today as a community, and broadcasting 'live' as it always did! Well done to everyone, including Hillingdon Hospital for keeping the station sustainable and enjoyable!"

What did she do after Radio Hillingdon

Since leaving the station, Carole turned professional and went to work in Denmark as an international Disc Jockey. These days she is married and has two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Cocker Spaniel. She has a full-time job at Brunel University but is also a Published Author, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Therapist.