Photos from Paul Bradley

STANDING: Gerry French and John Sanders. SITTING: Bob Aris, Pat Aris and Paul Bradley.

This was taken just after we moved into the new studios under the accident and emergency ramp.
The picture is of what is now Studio 1 before the window between it and studio 2 was made larger.

The original window as supplied by the hospital contractors was a double glazed window with parallel panes (allowing sound to travel through the glass) and was set too high to see the person in Studio 2 while sitting down. This was later changed by John May to a larger lower window with two panes of glass that were angled to make them more sound proof.


ON FLOAT: Paul Bradley, Terry Theobald, Cathy Owen.
STANDING: John Mandrak, Mike Hind, Janice [Bradley] and H (Henry Shelton)

ON FLOAT: Terry Theobald
STANDING: Mike Hind, Paul Bradley, Cathy Owen, H and Marion [Sanders]

Christine Brown, David Brown, Janice Bradley, Paul Bradley and Steve McCarthy
at the Radio Hillingdon 18th Birthday Party.