Photos from Mike Hind

LEFT: Chris Highton and Mike Hind
RIGHT: Chris Highton on 1977 Sponsored Walk (outside a PUB???)

LEFT: Terry Gate and Kevin Duke at one of the Summer Fetes
RIGHT: John May and John Stone in the rest room.

LEFT: This is one of many shots Mike Hind has of John May who passed away in 1993.
John's son James May now presents programmes for Radio Hillingdon.
RIGHT: Pat Barrett and Colin Gillett

LEFT: Mike Hind with a Nurses hat which belonged to Cathy Owen - picture by Chris Highton
RIGHT: Cathy Owen hosting the Folk Scene programme in 1979.

This is a picture of the RH float at one of the Hayes Carnivals
On the float is Eddie Shaw, John Mandrak, Mike Green, Wendy (I think) and Sandra Russell

Carol Latham, Mike Hind, Carol's cousin and John Mandrak doing a kids fancy dress disco.